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Comprehensive Children Dentistry in Sioux City, IA

Your Kids Will Love Visiting the Dentist

Children's Dentistry Sioux City IADr. Kava can help your frightened five-year-old or active preschooler feel at ease and remain calm during their appointments. He takes care of their dental health with the latest advancements in children’s dentistry, delivered with thoughtfulness and compassion. Our team teaches your children good daily brushing and flossing habits and encourages healthy food selections to maintain their natural teeth for life. We enjoy meeting them when they are in preschool and continue helping them year after year as they grow and change.

Dental Fears Will Be Forgotten

We want this and future generations of children to have no fear of going to the dentist. Many happy parents have told us that we are achieving these goals and making a difference for their children. We maintain a relaxed atmosphere that takes the fear and anxiety out of your child’s visit.

Your Children’s Dentist Contributes to Their Good Health

Kids Dentist Sioux City IAYour teeth and gums are part of your body, and proper dental health plays a crucial role in staying healthy overall. Children’s teeth are more vulnerable to cavities during their early years, so we teach them how to brush and floss properly for good daily dental hygiene. We also ask parents to make sure they do so each day, so these habits build a lifetime of good teeth and better health.

Children tend to eat throughout the day, which exposes teeth to acid more frequently. Every time food is eaten, acids are produced in the mouth and start the digestive process. However, if teeth are improperly cleaned, cavities will take hold. The more frequent contact with acids will increase the number and rate at which cavities develop.

This is why good daily dental hygiene is critical. We also encourage better, more nutritional food choices to lessen the chances of cavities developing in the first place. One very important treatment for children and adolescents is the application of a mineralizing sealant, which will give an added layer of protection against the onset of cavities.

Maintaining Children’s Healthy Teeth with Dental Sealants

Even the most meticulous brushing can sometimes miss hard-to-reach spots, such as the grooves in the back teeth. This will allow acid and bacteria to build up, plaque to form, and decay to begin. Permanent damage to a tooth requires a restoration. But for children, there is an added layer of protection that can be applied for cavity prevention. One application of a thin coat of dental sealant will do the trick!

Here’s how it works: All the teeth are sterilized. The dentist then applies a thin layer of the sealant to the tooth surfaces. He uses a curing light to bond the sealant to the teeth. It’s easy and the procedure requires no shots or drilling. All the teeth remain intact, and this quick procedure will help children and adolescents keep their natural teeth for a lifetime.

Professional Hygiene Cleanings for Overall Good Health

Having your teeth cleaned by our hygienist is more than just having your teeth feel clean. It helps to maintain your overall good health. Medical research has demonstrated that once plaque builds up and hardens into tartar, bacterial infection below the gumline will begin to form. Regular brushing and flossing doesn’t remove all of it. Chronic gum disease has been linked to heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. That’s why we recommend having your teeth cleaned on a regular basis.

How We Care for Our Oldest Patients

Senior Dental Care Sioux City IAAs we age, our bodies change and have different needs from when we were younger. The same is true for our teeth and gums. We pay special attention to the unique problems seniors often face. Fillings will often loosen over the years and need to be replaced before decay sets in. There are certain medications a patient might be taking that reduce saliva flow through the mouth. Consumption of certain foods or drink over the years may have caused staining of the teeth, so they are no longer white and detract from the appearance of your smile. Gum infection is the biggest problem we watch for in seniors.

With regular check-ups and continued daily dental care and good nutrition, most problems can be prevented or taken care of before they become big problems. If ever your gums start to bleed during brushing or flossing, please contact us immediately. This is often an early sign of gum disease.

Everyone in your family deserves a healthy smile! Give us a call today at (712) 258-6169 to schedule their visits.