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We Understand Your Time is Valuable

We work to make your dental visits enjoyable and convenient. We use the latest dental techniques and equipment always, focusing on each patient’s individual needs.

Here are ways we deliver services to make it affordable and easy for each family member:

CEREC™ Same-Day Crowns in the Office

No more need to take any impressions at all, and no more extra appointment to come back and have your crown placed. We can even fabricate onlays and inlays in the office. You can be in and out of the office in less than 2 hours!v

Sedation Dentistry Sioux City IASedation Dentistry

Many adults suffer from some sort of dental phobia or anxiety about having dental procedures. At Dr. Kava’s, we understand if you are anxious. We never embarrass or reprimand our patients for not going to the dentist. We want you to be comfortable and relaxed. We can offer you an anxiety-free dental visit with a variety of options:
  • Nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, is a very safe option that has been used in dental offices since the late 1800s. It is effective and quickly leaves your system. It is a great option for children and adults and requires no driver.
  • Oral conscious sedation is for patients who feel a sense of panic even thinking about going to the dentist. It is very effective, and often you will be prescribed oral medication the night before and additional oral medication prior to your appointment. You will need a driver, and often you will not remember your appointment.
  • IV sedation is done completely in the office. It is great for patients who suffer from severe dental phobias or who need complex and multiple procedures done at once. With IV sedation, specific drugs will be administered by an IV and you will be closely monitored during your dental appointment. You will be comfortable and rested during your dental treatment.

Treatment for the Entire Family

Each family member will be pleased with the care they receive, because we provide the unique care he or she needs. Whether you are school age or retired, we are sensitive to your specific dental needs and provide the maintenance and check-ups you require.

Same-Day Emergency Care

When you or a loved one experiences a dental emergency, we are here to take care of the problem and relieve the pain the same day.

Dental Clinic Conveniences Sioux City IAConvenient Locations

Our office is located on Hamilton Boulevard, across the street from Marketplace Shopping Center.

An Enjoyable Visit

We want you to feel comfortable on many levels, so we provide Wi-Fi internet and television viewing in every treatment room.

New Patient Forms

Take your time to complete these conveniently at home! You will be able to provide all the necessary information at your leisure and save time at your visit.

Our Range of Financial Options

Our services are affordable, with a variety of ways to pay. If you have dental insurance, we file for you to ensure you receive all your benefits. Major credits cards are accepted, and interest-free payment plans are also available.

We work to provide you with efficient, convenient dental visits. Give us a call today at (712) 258-6169 to see what we mean.