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Dr. Kava has had extensive training at The Dawson Center in St. Petersburg, Florida and years of experience treating this disorder.

TMJ stands for temporomandibular joint. TMD is temporomandibular joint disorder. It is a health problem involving your jaw joint function. Typical symptoms include clicking, popping, or crunching in the jaw. It is sometimes also accompanied by muscle pain, headaches, and ringing in the ears. Some patients may even have difficulty opening their mouths to talk and chew.

Types of TMJ Problems

Myofascial Pain
This is the most common and results in the discomfort of the muscles in the face and neck.

Internal Derangement of the TMJ
This can involve a dislocated jaw, a displaced disc within the TMJ, or injury to the condyles of the joint itself.

Degenerative Joint Disease
This is typically seen in older adults who have not been treated and is also known as osteoarthritis.

Diagnosis of TMJ is completed by Dr. Kava with a detailed discussion with the patient. He will then examine the teeth, mouth, and gums and measure range of motion of the joint as well as perform diagnostic imaging.

TMJ TMD Treatment Dentist Sioux City IATreatment Options

Pain caused by TMD can be episodic and go away without any treatment. Stress may be a factor here. During times of high stress, the body might react by clenching and grinding. It may or may not stop when the stressor is eliminated. Unfortunately, that is usually not the case, and people end up suffering periods of prolonged pain and tension.

Fortunately, there is a specialized custom mouthguard that can be fabricated just for you. Patients wear these mouthguards at night and typically report they feel better within the week as the muscles are finally allowed to relax. These guards are custom to you and not the one-size-fits-all found at the drugstore, which could actually do more harm than good. For others, a mouthguard may not work as the bite may be so compromised it has to be rebuilt using crowns and veneers. In some cases, orthognathic surgery or orthodontics may be required.

Every patient’s TMD is different. Some individuals are almost pure grinders, others clench but don’t grind, some both clench and grind, and so on.

Suffering from TMJ disorder? Fortunately, there is a solution! Just call Dr. Kava at (712) 258-6169 to schedule a consultation.