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At Dr. Rick Kava’s Sioux City Dental, we always deliver high-quality dental treatment, and our exceptional skills and dedicated service will earn your trust. We strive to serve all of your unique needs, and we accomplish this goal by working with you every step of the way. You will be an informed decision maker, seeing what we see and understanding every recommendation for obtaining your healthiest and best-looking smile.

If you have had dental anxieties, they will stay in the past – your concerns become our concerns. We can relieve all your nervousness and ensure your visits are easier, without pain or worries. We provide compassionate care that makes you feel good about your smile and dental health, and you will never feel embarrassed or ashamed to visit us for your oral care. You will also be pleased to know that we are licensed in the state of Iowa to perform sedation dentistry, to relax you through your entire visit. This makes oral surgery for third molar (wisdom teeth) and other extractions a breeze! Dr. Kava is skilled at performing these procedures in our office, so you don’t need to be referred to another office.

Let us welcome you to your new dental home. Please give us a call today at (712) 258-6169 to schedule a visit!

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Why Choose Our Dental Office?

Dental Root Canal Treatment Sioux City IA

Teeth with roots that have been damaged or infected used to require extraction. We can now save the tooth with root canal therapy comfortably performed with sedation right in our office.

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Affordable Dental Care Sioux City IA

For patients with no insurance, we offer a dental savings plan that can make all your dental care more affordable. For one annual fee, you receive exams, cleanings, and X-rays, plus a percentage off other care! Ask us for details.

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Dental Root Canal Treatment Sioux City IA

Dr. Kava offers IV sedation, oral conscious sedation, and nitrous oxide for extractions, restorations, and more!

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